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The heated swimming pool at the Dordogne campsite

Swimming in the heated pool in Périgord

When you return from your visits to the region’s major tourist attractions, what a pleasure to dive into the heated swimming pool!

With a wide range of opening hours, from 10 a.m. in the morning to 8 p. m. in the evening, our pools promise plenty of swimming. Enjoy the pleasure of choosing a campsite with a heated pool in the Dordogne every day! Take advantage of your mornings to swim a few laps, and come back with your family to relax after your day’s excursions.

Feel like spending a whole afternoon by the pool? It’s a great program too!

family camping pool

A paddling pool to delight the little ones

For family vacations, book a campsite with a heated outdoor swimming pool near Périgueux! Your children will enjoy swimming between your walks, visits and outdoor activities.

Our Au Fil de l’eau campsite in the Dordogne has a paddling pool for youngsters. For safe swimming under your supervision!

Older children have easy access to the large pool, thanks to steps that allow gradual immersion: to each his own! Ready for a water-based vacation?

Sunbathing by the pool in the Dordogne

From early May to mid-September, the climate of the Périgord region means you’ll have plenty of time to relax at your campsite with heated pool in the Dordogne. Sit back on a deckchair and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside!

In the sun to perfect your tan or in the shade of an umbrella, simply savor the fact of having time. Let yourself be lulled by the lapping of the water, the laughter of your children and the song of the birds.

Give yourself a nap, read a magazine, go back to swimming and do it all over again! And to vary the pleasures, you can also take to the riverbank and let yourself be carried along by the water…

campsite with swimming pool dordogne
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