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Services and activities at your family campsite in the Dordogne

Your services at the 3-star campsite near Périgueux

Campsite reception

Tous les jours de l’année, notre camping 3 étoiles près de Périgueux vous accueille dans la joie, la bonne humeur et la convivialité qui font sa particularité. Nous vous donnons rendez-vous à la réception, ouverte :

  • 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 7pm in high season,
  • and 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm in low season.

Take advantage of wifi

To make sure you never lose touch with your loved ones and share the wonderful memories of your time at our campsite, you have free wifi access at reception and in the campsite bar. Make yourself comfortable and surf the web in peace, while sipping your favorite drink!

accueil camping au fil de l'eau
bread depot

Motorhome service area in Dordogne

Are you travelling by motorhome? To provide you with all the comfort you need, we’ve set up a service area for motorhomes at our campsite in the Dordogne. From draining grey or black waste water (cassette) to supplying clean water, you’ll have everything you need for a worry-free stay, and to make the most of all the three-star services and facilities on our campsite!

Book your breakfast

Take advantage of a bread and pastry drop-off service at our family campsite near Périgueux. Your peace of mind is our priority. That’s why, once you’ve booked the day before at reception or the bar, your breakfast is delivered directly to your pitch in the morning. Enjoy breakfast in an unspoilt setting by the water, with the sunrise as a backdrop…

The campsite laundry

With us, vacation means comfort and convenience. Our campsite near Périgueux has a laundry so you can travel light and enjoy your stay to the full. No need to overload your suitcases with tons of clothes, our washing machines are there to take care of your laundry.

Tokens are available at reception, and in the blink of an eye, you can wash your laundry to leave always fresh and ready for new adventures in our beautiful Dordogne. Enjoy your vacation with complete peace of mind, because with us, even household chores become a gentle breeze.


Your small grocery store with local products at the campsite near Périgueux

At the reception of our campsite in the Dordogne, you’ll find a small grocery store, where all the essentials are close at hand. No need to run into town, you can shop on site.

What’s more, we make it a point of honor to offer you a wide choice of local products, so you can sample the authentic flavors of the Périgord. Fruits, vegetables, cheeses, regional wines and much more await you in our small grocery store. Make the most of your vacation without worrying about shopping, because with us, simplicity is at the heart of your stay… along the water, of course!

Our grocery store is open in conjunction with reception, from 09:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 19:00 in high season, and from 09:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00 in low season.

shopping center grocery camping dordogne

Shops near the campsite

Finally, our campsite is ideally located in Antonne, just 5 km from the Greater Périgueux area. Here you’ll find plenty of shopping centers to meet all your needs. During your vacation at our campsite in the Dordogne, there’s no need to go far to do your shopping or satisfy your every desire!

Activities to enjoy at the Dordogne campsite

Relaxation and entertainment at the library with board games

Relax andhave fun, alone or with friends, at our campsite with library near Périgueux. To satisfy everyone’s desires and preferences, we’ve equipped the site with a wide range of books in all literary genres (noir, adventure, comics, children’s books, etc.), board games and a TV.

The library is open at the same times as reception, from 09:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 19:00 in high season, and from 09:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00 in low season.

camping library

Playground with trampoline at the campsite near Périgueux

Our children’s smiles are the main feature of a successful camping vacation. Our playground with trampoline area and inflatables is the place for laughter, adventure and friendship. The swings take them off to new horizons, the slides offer memorable slides, and the tree house turns into a real headquarters for their imaginary games.

As for the trampoline and inflatables, they provide hours of priceless fun and laughter! While the little ones enjoy themselves in complete safety, parents can relax in complete peace of mind.
Our playground is the perfect place for children to unleash their imagination and boundless energy, creating unforgettable vacation memories.

With us, adventures begin at the playground, where every laugh is a victory and every slide a triumph. So let your little explorers enjoy themselves while you savor the sweetness of the moment. At our campsite with playground near Périgueux, childhood memories are etched in the sand, in the shade of trees reflecting off the water, and in the laughter of children growing up having fun.

ping pong

Sports facilities to keep you fit on vacation

What would a camping vacation be without activities and entertainment? Our campsite near Périgueux offers a wide range of sports facilities to keep you active and entertained in the great outdoors. Whether you’re a ping-pong whiz, a pétanque expert or a fan of games and inflatables, we’ve got it all.

If you’re a ping-pong fan, there’s no need to bother with a racket – we’ll lend them to you with a smile. The same goes for footballs and volleyballs. There’s no need for a deposit – we rely on your fair play! So, whether you want to challenge your friends to a frenzied game of ping-pong, aim for the jack at the boulodrome, or bounce around in our inflatables, sporting fun is at your fingertips… and your feet!

With us, physical activity and laughter go hand in hand, and every day is an opportunity to take on new challenges. So get out there, play, and let the friendly competition begin! With us, sport becomes a joyful adventure that promises unforgettable memories and fair play. Join us for an active, fun-filled vacation in the Dordogne, where sport and pleasure are simply the order of the day.

The games room for all ages

Fun is just around the corner! Our campsite near Périgueux has a games room with table soccer and billiards, ideal for relaxing with family and friends.

Imagine challenging your loved ones to a frenzied game of table soccer, where every goal is a victory celebrated with laughter and smiles. Or perhaps you’d prefer to hone your skills at pool while discussing the day’s latest adventures. And for even more entertainment, our games room is located right next to our sports facilities, where you can also play ping-pong, enjoy a game of pétanque on our boulodrome, or have fun in our inflatables.

On our campsite,fun, relaxation and tranquillity are at the heart of every vacation, and every day is an opportunity to create happy memories. Join our campsite with playroom for a playful, soothing and refreshing stay in the Dordogne!


Evening entertainment at the Dordogne campsite to liven up your summer

This summer at the campsite, you’ll be in for a realtreat with our special events organized every week. We’ve planned a series of events for you to enjoy with family and friends. Don’t miss our musical evenings on July 23 and August 12 with the talented group Melody’s. They’ll get you dancing to the rhythm of the music, with repertoires ranging from disco and international variety to the all-time favorite French songs.

For thrill-seekers, take part in our nocturnal laser game evenings on July 28, August 7 and August 20. Our partner, Laser Scape Game, guarantees wild laser game sessions under the stars. A rare experience you’ll remember for a long time…Stay tuned for more surprises in the pipeline to complete our summer program. We look forward to sharing these entertaining moments with you during your stay at our campsite in the Dordogne near Périgueux. Book now to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Take advantage of our swimming pool and stop by the snack bar!